Join us if you want to:

Berlin Frankfurt am Main Munich Vienna
Junior Medior Senior

Data Analyst (M/W/D)

2021 15 April
Berlin Frankfurt am Main Munich Vienna
Junior Medior Senior

Business Analyst (M/W/D)

2021 15 April
Antwerp Brussels Ghent
Medior Senior

Functional Analyst

2021 20 July
Antwerp Brussels Ghent
Medior Senior

Cloud Engineer

2021 30 April
France Paris
Medior Senior

Ingénieur Réseaux et sécurité H/F

2021 15 June
France Paris
Medior Senior

Ingénieur Sécurité CSIRT H/F

2021 15 June
Berlin Frankfurt am Main Munich Vienna
Junior Medior Senior

Data Analyst (M/W/D)

2021 15 April
Berlin Frankfurt am Main Munich Vienna
Junior Medior Senior

IT Security Specialist (M/W/D)

2021 15 April
Medior Senior

Java Full Stack Developer

2021 5 July
Medior Senior

Business Analyst

2021 30 June
Geneva Lausanne

Consultant(e) Data Engineer / Data Architect (H/F) – Genève / Lausanne

2021 23 July
Junior Medior

Consultant(e) SharePoint – Office 365 – Genève

2021 2 June
Ho Chi Minh
Medior Senior

Full-stack Java Leader – SDS – Ho Chi Minh City [BOT]

2021 24 July
Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
Medior Senior

Video Editor & Designer – Ho Chi Minh City

2021 22 July

There are just a few steps from your application to your dream job.

My Application

How do I apply?

The process is straightforward and it’s quick, too, if you want. The best way to get started is using our form. Fill it out. Upload your documents. Press “send.” We need from you:

  • CV or you can send us a short application via Xing or LinkedIn using our application form
  • Information about desired location, willingness to travel and salary expectation

Nice to have:

  • Certificate of higher education or school education
  • Job references (if applicable, internship certificates)

You are welcome to apply for several job advertisements by informing us which other vacancies you are interested in.

You can upload either an entire application document or individual documents. The following file formats can be used: Word (doc, docx), PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF. A single document may not exceed the size of 15 MB. Please do not upload PDF and Word documents that are protected by a password or write protection.

Spontaneous application

Can I send a spontaneous application?

The online job advertisements on our careers website and on other job portals are always up to date, but if you haven’t found the vacancy that suits you, you are welcome to submit a spontaneous application. We will review and consider which division or position could fit.

Application Process

What does the application process look like?

Although the exact recruitment process depends on the country you’re applying in, here are the basic steps you will go through before becoming a Positive Thinker:

  • 1. Application: You send your application to us.
  • 2. Confirmation of receipt: We acknowledge receipt of your application.
  • 3. Examination of the application and preselection: We review with colleagues from the recruiting side as well as in the department to determine whether you might fit in with us.
  • 4. Invitation to interview: We are interested in your application and we would like to get to know you better.
  • 5. Get to know you personally: We get to know each other, for example, during an initial conversation by telephone or directly during a personal interview at one of our locations.
    Positive decision: We fit together!
  • 6. Hiring proposal: We would like you to be part of our team.
  • 7. Welcome days: Whether you already have a project to start on or not, your first day will take place in your designated office, where you will meet with your colleagues, and go over administrative and support procedures together.

How should I prepare?

Nothing speaks louder about your motivation than your own curiosity. Give our website a little scroll through, take a peek at our social media and read through our latest news. It will not only give you the opportunity to ask questions, but also give you a pretty accurate idea of what it’s like to work with the Positive Thinking Company and whether we are a good match for you.

Also, if you haven’t reflected on your career trajectory, it’s a good idea to give it some thought before the interview. We want to know what we can do for you and give you some insights into how you can become a part of the Positive Thinking Company’s story.

Please do some research before you consider entering the consulting world. It is really important that you take some time prior to your interview to assess whether consultancy is right for you. Only then will we be able to tell you about the wide range of opportunities we can provide.

And finally, although a three-piece suit and tailcoat are not required, we recommend that you show your best professional self by picking a formal outfit for your interviews. Simple and effective are the keywords here!

Interview Location

Should I come on site?

We do a good job describing the atmosphere and the dynamics of our offices, but nothing can replace the experience itself. The COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately requires that we put office visits on hold but, if you want to make up your own mind and get a glimpse of our environment virtually, we invite you to have a look here. Whether experienced in person or through pictures, the office always makes an impression on people.

What about starting to work during COVID-19? We are organized and equipped to respect all the health and security measures related to the COVID pandemic and ensure that everyone who enters our building will remain as healthy as they were before entering.


Who will I meet?

During the interview process, you will meet a variety of people whose job it is to ensure that we are a good fit for each other:

  • An HR specialist, to design your professional project
  • A consultant, to assess your skills and potential and answer any questions you may have about your future position as a consultant within the Positive Thinking Company
  • A manager, to discuss more precisely our project portfolio and your contribution in our activities


Evolve with us

Evolution is a fundamental value we hold in our industry. It’s part of our DNA.

Discover our 360° Evolution