Our address

Sluisweg 1
9000 Ghent


Located next to the football stadium of KAA Gent (La Gantoise), the PTC office in Ghent is easy to reach, with the E17 (direction: Antwerp office) as well as the E40 (direction: Brussels office) close by.

Combine this with a big parking closeby, which makes it a perfect satellite office to welcome co-workers from all over the country.

Indeed, you never know who you will bump in to at this office, but be sure, everyone gets a very warm welcome (although some words in Flemish do help 😉 )

Never a dull day at the office in Gent, with some good restaurants nearby, the vibrant historic city centre just some steps away and a bunch of co-workers always ready to challenge you for a table tennis tournament.

Matthieu Bezard- Falgas

HR Leader

Naturally driven to help people thrive individually and in teams, Matthieu is your go-to person when you need advice.

When he is not working on innovative HR initiatives, you have a fair chance to find Matthieu listening to one of the (future) member of the Positive Thinking Company!

Marine Golasowski


Marine is a French who came to Belgium, after obtaining her master in HRM, to work in an international environment. When she is not in front of her screen looking at your profiles, you can find her at the gym, cooking, reading a book or programming her next travel. 

Marie Brioude


Coming from the sunny region of France, Marie is advising candidates to enlighten their careers! She will also gladly share your interest for hitchhiking, travels or a good book.

Laura Tordeur


Being a social person with a healthy dose of curiosity, Laura is always eager to listen what her candidates have to say, and this in 3 languages. Always open for a chat with colleagues but once the headphones are on, she’s looking for the next talent to join. Music, snowboarding, travelling and having drinks with friends is what she enjoys doing after hours.

Julien Marlart

HR Manager

Julien is a French globetrotter who came to Belgium looking for a new adventure. When he’s not talking about data, he is you go-to-guy for sports and travels!

Outgoing and curious, Sergen has always been interested in people, their stories and well-being; so you can always count on him to talk about evolution, career opportunities, best events in Brussels, and to enjoy good Belgian beers after work.

Yannick is a positive-minded and humane-oriented recruiter motivated to always improve his skills in the world of HR. Eager to help IT profiles further in their careers. When he is not searching for fellow positive thinkers, he is becoming the number 1 ping-pong player at the Ghent office!

Lucas Dierickx


With his lifelong interest in gaming and technology in general, there is no surprise that Lucas would find a fit with PTC. Shared with his passion for psychology, he dedicates himself to finding the right person for the right job. Next to this, he will gladly chat with you about the latest developments in professional (e)sports, for instance in football or cycling.