Become part of our journey!

We are on a great journey to better the world. Together with our outstanding coworkers, we meet every challenge along the way with creativity and determination. The projects we undertake and the problems we solve are opportunities to evolve, learn new things and strengthen our collaboration. Are you ready to test your limits? Become part of our story!

Become part of our journey!

How to become a Positive Thinker

For us, transparency is key. That’s why we’ve broken down our recruitment process to give you a clear idea of what we do, how we do it, and what we expect of you on this journey. After submitting your application it only takes a few more steps to sign your contract and start your dream job. The process is straightforward and it can be quick, too. The best way to get started is using our form. Fill it out. Upload your documents. Press “send.” If only everything in life were so simple… Once you become a Positive Thinker, you’ll begin to experience our commitment to creating an inspiring environment for your development both personally and professionally. We encourage your passion by giving you the opportunity to become a vital part of our communities, or even to start your own community. Learn more here:

We are all Positive Thinkers

Together, we dream, dare and collaborate! ​

The Positive Thinking Company’s vision is to collaborate with our coworkers and clients to achieve better results that matter.

We share the same philosophy across the different cultures, backgrounds and areas of expertise that make us unique. We firmly believe that each of our coworkers can add value by combining their vision, talent and creativity to move clients forward.

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Why our coworkers love working with us

Become a positive thinker

In 2004 we kicked off our journey with a great vision and never-ending enthusiasm. Today we number more than 2500 employees who all share the same philosophy: “Collaboration betters our world”. Believe us – it’s been an exciting journey to get where we are today. And we would never have achieved so much without our coworkers. They have made the company what it is today. Our coworkers bring passion, expertise and creativity to the Positive Thinking Company, helping it evolve and move forward. Every day is an adventure because we don’t follow well-trodden paths, but create our own. We are constantly learning and are always open to new approaches. And we look forward to what lies ahead. Do you want to become part of our story? Read about the reasons why our coworkers love being a part of The Positive Thinking Company.

International. Diverse. Inclusive.

We give everyone, regardless of their professional and personal background, the same opportunities. We truly believe that bringing together people with diverse personal and professional backgrounds supports and encourages an inclusive culture that values diversity. Diversity enables us to challenge our thinking and provides alternative ideas.

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Learn. Share. Care.

We share and we care. We aim to be responsible and respectful in environmental, economic and social matters. This includes not only social responsibility, but also showing solidarity concerning business ethics and environmental issues. In accordance with our belief that collaboration betters the world, we support initiatives by our employees. Education is particularly important to us. Our commitment: for each coworker, we facilitate access to quality education for one person.
Learn more about our initiatives.

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Work-life balance. Vital for everyone.

Maintaining a good work-life balance is key for a healthy and fulfilling life. We offer various solutions to ensure a good balance, from flexible working hours, optional home office and much more. We also believe that performance and efficiency can only be achieved through a positive work environment that energizes people and encourages creativity, collaboration and innovation.

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Expertise. Innovation. Your opportunity.

We love technology and believe that by leveraging it we can grow our customers’ businesses to achieve better results that really matter. Our broad range of expertise serves our customers as well as our coworkers who want to evolve and acquire new skills. If you love innovation as much as we do – perfect match! Working at Positive Thinking Company means having the chance to make a contribution! Through our communities you will meet and share with colleagues who are just as passionate about technology as you are.

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Together we stand - divided we fall.

We believe that collaboration betters our world. For us this is not just a slogan – for us this is reality. You will find collaboration everywhere in our company. Whether in our social commitments to local communities or in international NGOs, whether in one of our offices, while developing new solutions, or in our projects with our clients. Whether within a small team or community or across domains and countries. It’s the essential value that our company is based on.

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Feedback. Goals. Evolution.

A successful career is more than just a job. At Positive Thinking Company we want you to evolve. We give you opportunities to further develop your personal skills and empower you to be a better version of yourself. To achieve this, we support your development right from the start with a 360 degree approach and a dedicated expert team. Together we’ll go higher!

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