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As part of our DNA since the very beginning of our company, evolution is for us a fundamental value in our industry.

We aim to unlock the full potential of our co-workers by providing them with an evolutive environment boosting collaboration, sharing knowledge and creativity with a positive mindset.

Why joining us?

Start your career

Take the opportunity to start your career in the best possible way

A successful career is more than just a job. At the Positive Thinking Company, we identify your potential and put you on the right track to start your career. Thanks to our trusted, innovative and international environment, combined with the guidance we provide, you will have the opportunity to further develop your personal skills, take on responsibilities or boost your employability.

Embrace technology

Get to discover cutting-edge technologies

We deliver end-to-end tech solutions thanks to our unique open ecosystem model. This allows you to closely collaborate with recognized experts and passionate co-workers, thus enhancing your technical knowledge of new technology trends and business challenges.
Innovation never stops. We are looking for people who are passionate about technology and eager to learn new things every day!

Build your expertise

Get challenged & take your career to the next level

Our company definitely looks forward to your experience and knowledge. We are committed to promoting internally the expertise of each of our co-workers, by setting up a structure that promotes sharing knowledge and skills development. We choose you for your expertise, and you choose us for your new challenge, with the aim of developing a new set of skills.
It’s time to take your career to the next level by becoming even more specialized than you already are!

Success stories

Adrien W.

Senior HR


After two years working in the recruitment of engineers, and a short sales experience in the consulting industry, I have been approached by one of the current Business Managers of the Lille entity. The context of my future mission was clear: there was no office in Lille! Therefore, I had to start from scratch, together with two Business Managers, and build the Lille entity. The challenge of quickly developing my skills, the mindset and the promise of career development within the Positive Thinking Company (which actually turned out to be real), were enough to convince me. So I joined this international consulting group in September 2018 in Lille, as the first Recruiter.


As expected, I took the responsibility of developing this new entity after only a few weeks. I then started to work with the Parisian management and I acquired skills in operations as an agency manager. After demonstrating my abilities in just a few months, I evolved as Human Resources Manager and strengthened my team with a Junior Recruiter.


A lot has happened since I joined the Positive Thinking Company! We’ve grown up, mastered challenges, and now I feel that I’ve developed a real emotional attachment to our Lille office. I would say it’s a bit like our “baby”! It’s both a personal and collaborative success. We have experienced significant growth right from the start, structured the entity to ensure its development over time and developed a strong mindset.


The three things that come to mind when I think of the Positive Thinking Company are:
Challenge: that’s basically what I’ve been through! I was offered a big challenge right from the start, that’s what I experience every day and what helps me grow.
Evolution & training: you have the opportunity to evolve very quickly, which is not the case in every company. The management is confident and supports you towards success. We are lucky to be constantly evolving both professionally and technically, especially thanks to the training programs offered.
Team spirit: and I have a slogan that perfectly represents our experience in Lille: “Alone we go faster, together we go further”. I’m part of a team where cohesion is above all, it’s a chance!

Guillaume L.

Senior Business Manager


At the end of my engineering degree, I completed my studies with a master’s degree in management to develop a joint technical and sales competence. I then decided to join the Positive Thinking Company as a Business Manager in Geneva, a hybrid position at the intersection of technology and business, highly challenging and formative. Assuming responsibility very quickly, constantly evolving and being versatile were exactly what I was looking for in this position! After being recruited as a V.I.E. (French contract) in the first place, I am now fully part of the group sales teams, and I felt integrated since the day I joined the group.


My job is versatile and consists of “classic” sales missions (such as developing a client portfolio, prospecting, building client loyalty, supporting clients towards new solutions), as well as team management. My role is above all to align and coordinate the teams to respond to a customer challenge. The success I am the proudest of: having established a first significant partnership with a start-up from a major Swiss university incubator. This start-up is developing a revolutionary “low-code” software development platform, and it is thanks to the expertise and flexibility of the Positive Thinking Company that we have been able to support them in their growth on the Swiss market.


Today I work on different technological domains, with a particular focus on the Data & Analytics expertise. The Positive Thinking Company gives me the opportunity to choose the industries and companies that I am interested in, with which I would like to collaborate. Within the ecosystem, I have the chance to exchange a lot with the different entities, at an international level, especially with France & Germany around the Data expertise.


If I had to summarize the Positive Thinking Company in three words, I would say: Intrapreneurship, we are given the chance and freedom to do things; Evolution, a mindset that is shared at both co-workers and company levels; Teambuilding, both successes and failures are shared, which strengthens team spirit.

Jeremy M.

Sales Operations Leader


I started my adventure at the Positive Thinking Company as a V.I.E. (French contract) on November 2, 2010 (which doesn’t make me any younger!): it was initially a twelve-month contract, and I’m still here today, ten years later! I had initially been recruited at the Brussels entity as a Business Manager, and I was finally offered a great challenge: to participate in the creation of the Luxembourg entity and to launch the activity with one of the founders of the group. We built the entity from scratch, our team of consultants started to grow, and we recruited HR, back office and sales functions to continue the adventure and keep growing.


These ten years have been marked by challenges, evolution and growth: I have always had a new step to take in my career. After my first two years, I moved on to a position of Business Unit Manager, managing a sales team; in 2016, I was given the responsibility of managing the Luxembourg entity; in 2018, a new challenge with the launch of the World of Digits brand (part of the Positive Thinking Company ecosystem) in Luxembourg. I would say that there are no limits within the Positive Thinking Company! The company has supported me in the development of my skills each time I have taken on new responsibilities. My career has evolved as the entity has grown, which is why I am very attached to the Positive Thinking Company.


To sum up the Positive Thinking Company in three words: Challenge, as demonstrated by my own experience; Collaboration, since nothing I have undertaken would have been possible without the support of my teams; Friendship, because Luxembourg is a bit like a “family”, we are lucky to be able to forge links beyond the working environment (and that’s a chance!).

Aurore O.

Business Support Officer


When the Corporate Recruitment team contacted me, I went through the entire website: I immediately loved it. The website was inspiring, I felt that there was a good atmosphere within the teams, the environment seemed stimulating, and also a dog was a Happiness Officer at the time, it was enough to convince me! This first impression was confirmed during the various discussions with the teams, and I chose to join the Positive Thinking Company in August 2018, to start a two-year V.I.E. (French contract) as a Business Support Officer in Brussels.


I had worked in Human Resources before, but I never worked in personnel administration. It was a great opportunity to discover a new aspect of this department. The environment within the Positive Thinking Company enabled me to learn a lot: I had a good knowledge base, but I quickly developed skills in Belgian law and regulations. Being naturally voluntary and proactive, I very quickly gained in responsibility and autonomy. Being a Business Support Officer means managing the daily integration of employees and their administrative follow-up, as well as being a central point of reference for all their questions.


During my first year as a V.I.E., the management trusted me and offered me a permanent contract (my first one!). Since then, I have had the chance to train a colleague (very rewarding by the way!). Despite all preconceived ideas, I never stay behind my screen for long! What I appreciate the most is the interaction with all the employees, the help and support I can give them on a daily basis.


If I had to sum up the Positive Thinking Company in three words, I would say:
Positive, because everyone supports each other event in difficult times and pulls each other up. Collaboration, because there is a lot of cohesion between departments, the hierarchy is flat and everyone is accessible. And Solution-oriented, because when faced with problems and emergencies, the whole team helps each other to find a solution “we will make it! ».

Your co-worker journey

We strongly believe our co-workers’ evolution relies on a concrete and enjoyable path.

Several key-moments will rhythm your journey: onboarding, follow-ups, trainings, evaluations, career comities… and each of these steps allow you to project yourself, gain in visibility on the next step of your career in our company.

This path would not be such a fun experience without key-events!

  • Welcome day: the best way to say hello and discover the Positive Thinking Company.
  • Hello Drink: the best way to be integrated within the teams.
  • Team buildings: the best way to strengthen relationships within your team and enhance team spirit.
  • Communities: the best way to share knowledge and best practices.
  • Team challenges: the best way to thrive and achieve goals together.
Your co-worker journey

Our corporate recruitment team

Our corporate recruitment process

More than a recruitment process, we aim at providing the best candidate experience possible. We have always wanted it to be challenging and stimulate reflection, through the discussions with different stakeholders across the company. For us, transparency and reactivity are essential for the success and appreciation of this recruitment process by each candidate.

Sandro A.

Senior Business Manager

" Fun and interactive corporate recruitment process that focuses on the expectations and motivations of the candidate rather than those of the company. "

Ilse V.

Business Manager

" Very much unlike any other experiences I’ve had! It made the final decision making a very easy thing to do. "

Lucas D.


" Great experience! In a few words: transparency, honesty, trust and engagement. It was a nice process and it is an important reason for why I’m here! "

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