Your Evolution

Part of our DNA since the very beginning of our company, evolution is for us a fundamental value in our industry. We are committed to creating an inspiring environment that not only enhances the career development of our co-workers, but also allows them to grow as individuals.

Success stories

Sébastien P.

Data & Analytics Domain Leader

Geneva, Switzerland

I started my career at the Positive Thinking Company ten years ago as a Java EE architect in Switzerland. During my first mission, I worked on a project in which many accesses needed to be managed and I had to build a distributed Oracle database. That’s how I got interested in databases and NoSQL, and I also quickly became fascinated by the data itself.

In 2013, I earned a MongoDB certification and I studied Big Data at the University of San Diego in order to learn the basics. This led to an opportunity to be responsible for what was called the “Data Department” at that time. In all the projects I have worked on and in those I still manage today, I always try to identify the meaning, the added value for the client, and I have to admit that I don’t consider myself to be a “geek.”

My goal is to create a vision and to enable new capabilities that correspond to the client’s needs. I think this is the main reason why I had the opportunity to achieve my dream in 2018 by moving to Singapore, where I launched the Data business unit of the Positive Thinking Company. I started my current role as Data & Analytics Domain Leader for the Asia-Pacific region and for a part of Europe more than two years ago. I have the opportunity to work closely with the Innovation & Solution Managers to design the solutions we develop for our clients, to ensure that these solutions are aligned with the evolution of the market and to lead the way in the Data & Analytics domain. It’s an exciting job that combines a bit of technology with a lot of functional expertise!

If I had to describe the Positive Thinking Company in three words, I would say: Opportunity, because we all have plenty of opportunities in this company, Solution-oriented, for the added value we strive to bring to our customers, and Ecosystem, because of the complementarity and diversity of our expertise.

Samuel H.

Agile Innovation and Solution Manager

Paris, France

After I first qualified in IT development, I experimented with and practiced the concepts of DevOps, agility and project management. You might think I’m crazy, but I have a real passion for solving issues and taking on new challenges, mostly organizational ones… And that’s how I started my adventure at the Positive Thinking Company in 2019, as the first Agility Innovation and Solution Manager in Paris.

When I arrived, there was almost no structure for this position, so things had to be created. What I brought to the table was my expertise in Agility, my determination to succeed and my collaborative spirit. I quickly started collaborating with several of the group’s entities in order to gather best practices, to share experiences and to improve efficiency.

I’m always searching for ways to bring more value to our clients, so I quickly developed the Atlassian partnership in France (before extending it to Belgium and Luxembourg) and I began supporting our sales teams on a regular basis during client meetings to guarantee the quality of service and expertise our clients have a right to expect from us. I’m also an active member in the Agile and Atlassian communities, where I provide, for example, an accelerated training course on Agility in order to help our motivated co-workers successfully achieve their Scrum Master and Product Owner certifications. My job is actually to offer Agility and Atlassian expertise to our clients as well as internally, by all possible means, and there are many ways to do it!

To sum up the Positive Thinking Company in a few words, I would say: Collaboration, more than just a pretty word, it’s a genuine state of mind here, Intrapreneurship, we can propose ideas and we have the autonomy to bring them to life, and Corporate Culture, we all share the same positive spirit!

Nicolas F.

Data Innovation and Solution Manager


Before joining the Positive Thinking Company, I worked as a Java EE and Oracle database developer in a consulting company in Brittany (France), where I learned how to lead teams in agile methodology and to do reporting, data lineage and software migration. Although I was working in many domains, I decided to focus my career on data, and I joined the Positive Thinking Company in 2019 to take on new data-driven challenges and to continue to evolve.

I was initially recruited as a consultant, but I (very) quickly evolved as a senior consultant and a tech lead on data topics. Because I had worked on many projects in various industries (Aeronautics, Banking, Insurance and Manufacturing) before joining the company, I was able to contribute the knowledge, experience and versatility I gained by working in these industries. And the sales teams were well aware of this! Within a few days of my arrival, I was often invited to help the sales teams demonstrate our expertise, and that was great, because I love challenges!

Because of my thirst for learning and my determination, I was quickly identified as an advisor, and six months later, I was offered the opportunity to become a Data Innovation and Solution Manager. A new challenge, what more could you ask for? Now my job is to create offers and solutions that bring value to our clients, in Luxembourg and throughout the group. I’m also in charge of building and developing partnerships to promote the Data and Analytics domain.

If I had to describe the Positive Thinking Company in a few words, I would say: Family, this is really the mindset here in Luxembourg, Potential, I sincerely believe that this company has a bright future, and Listening, you can always find an attentive ear, no matter what the topic is.

Jessica G.

Information & Cybersecurity Consultant

Geneva, Switzerland

I joined the Positive Thinking Company on a sheer coincidence at a digital trade show in Geneva. I had a long discussion with the person, who would later become my colleague and manager, about the security brand of the Positive Thinking Company which was expanding in Switzerland.

From my first day at the Positive Thinking Company, I started helping to build this security brand, worked on services and offers descriptions, collaborated with the marketing teams to establish ourselves in the market. On a second hand, I was also an Information & Cybersecurity Consultant and started working as a CISO for two Swiss companies in the healthcare and education industry.

As from last October, I started as a Cyber Security Governance SME (Subject Matter Expert) for a client but keep working on building new solutions within the Positive Thinking Company on the side. The best part of my job is that I can never get bored: my “consultant hat” allows me to keep gaining experience in my area of expertise; and my “corporate hat” is great opportunity for me to help shape the expertise of the Positive Thinking Company.

I have gained the trust of my peers and I am now involved in building cross-expertise solutions, notably on Data Governance, and marketing material to support our visibility on such solutions. Collaborating with Domain Leaders of other fields of expertise, marketing and clients has really helped me to diversify my skills, express my talent, feed my perpetual reflection and grow my ability to innovate.

What I love the most about the Positive Thinking Company is its warm atmosphere, the diversity of skills, people and opportunities to diversify oneself in the world of IT and innovation. The possibilities are endless.

To me, the three words that would describe the Positive Thinking Company best are: Friendliness, Diversity and Evolution.

Slavyana T.

Project Manager

Sofia, Budapest

I joined Blubird, recently renamed The Positive Thinking Company, in mid 2018 as QA Specialist assuring the quality of the products and taking care of the project post-life client communication. I created and implemented all QA processes and after that I trained all people in the QA team. Then I took more and more project management responsibilities and I was promoted to Project Manager. As such I am managing more than 10 projects, working with more than 5 clients and with about 20 developers. I am constantly working on new features and improving the clients products.

Working in Blubird, now Positive Thinking Company, has always been very challenging for me because of the assignments I had and those that I have at the moment. It is also very exciting to work in this company because I am constantly learning new things and solving situations I have never faced before. It is also fun – working with great people in a pleasant and positive atmosphere is really enjoyable to me.

Marc P.

Innovation Solution Manager Cloud & DevOps

Brussels, Belgium

I started my journey at the Positive Thinking Company in November 2015 as a consultant. During my first mission I worked for a client called Bsit, a mobile application to match parents with babysitters.

I was mainly involved in the front and back end developments, improving  the algorithms matching both sides of the application users.

After one year, in November 2016, I joined the apps & platform department (formerly called web & mobile) as a DevOps Consultant. It was only 20 of us at the time, working hard on small startups projects. We are especially proud of “We are Tennis”, a web development project carried out upon a request made by BNP Paribas, the main partner of Roland-Garros Tournament. It is pretty cool to know that we are the coding hands and thinking heads behind the official ticket selling website, marketed everywhere including on the back of the ball boys’ tshirts! Up to this day, we are still running and maintaining it.

One of my first big achievement within the Positive Thinking Company itself has been to set up from scratch our whole infrastructure in the Cloud with AWS which allowed us to technically handle many more  projects, as well as more complex ones.

With this experience I was promoted to Technical Leader of the Web & Mobile department, which had meanwhile grown to 50 people, with the responsibilities to manage the dev teams and implement the DevOps methodology among them.

I have been the Cloud and DevOps Innovation Solution Manager since August 2020. This new role entails a whole new set of responsibilities. Moving from a local management, I now have a more global impact: technological watch, collaboration and knowledge sharing with the development teams in France and Bulgaria, incoming leads and project statuses management, proof of value for global brand partnerships, coordination of the cloud community, etc.

Over the years I have really seen the company reinvent itself yet still keeping at heart the same family values.

It is and has always been a great place to work. Although the mindset has changed to become that of a bigger corporation, I have always witnessed the same benevolence and warmth. There is a naturally inclusive atmosphere where ethnicities, genders, and personalities are not even considered outside of the spectrum of their work.

If I had to describe the Positive Thinking Company in three words, they would be: “Challenge, Trust, and Fellowhip ”.

Nabil Benssi

Senior Product Owner

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I joined Positive Thinking Company APAC in 2019 as Senior Product Owner. My first project within the company was a challenging multi-million dollar VOD project with a significant development team in our office in Vietnam.

The project allowed me to lead a team of product owners. It allowed me to get involved in developing detailed product requirements that define the user and system capabilities to build a fully functional Subscription Management System that is integrated with different Payment Gateways ranging from Mobile to Bank Card payments.

I am now working on a state-of-the-art Fintech Solution for an Australian client, one of our BOT (Build Operation Transfer) partnerships in Vietnam, which helps companies detect fraud and risks in their daily transactions using different risk detection algorithms and official data sources. The client was delighted with our level of professionalism in developing the solution vision, roadmap, user, system requirements, on-time delivery, as well as maintaining an enduring relationship with the team.

It is said that happy clients will turn to brand advocates. I’ve finally found it true as the client has introduced our company to their partners, who eventually opened a new development team in Vietnam. Hard work always pays off.

The great thing about working here is that I am not limited to working on my project only. I am also involved in different activities such as proposals for potential customers, which gives me exposure to various domains. I also help run departmental activities such as preparing training for the company’s Product Owners, conducting interviews, and supporting other product owners in their projects.

If I was asked to describe the Positive Thinking Company in 3 words, I would say Openness, Solidarity, and Evolution.

Maximilien L.

Business Analyst and Project Manager


I joined the Positive Thinking Company in Luxembourg in 2017 as a consultant in Business Analysis before moving to Project Management and Testing. Today, I specialize in European financial regulation. I first started as a project manager in a video game start-up and then worked in the insurance industry. As a result of these varied experiences, I have developed a high level of flexibility that serves me well in my daily work.

Being a Business Analyst (which is my favorite job) is like being a Swiss Army Knife, because I’m focused on the client’s needs – at least this is the case in Luxembourg. And I must say that I love doing something different every day, following the evolution of the projects I’m in charge of and seeing the results of my work. I’m even lucky enough to be able to travel abroad, which is something I really like to do!

At the same time, I’m one of the leaders of the Agile community, a concept which is very much in demand by our clients here in Luxembourg. I provide my experience and expertise, and I spread the word, sharing my daily work on mission and looking for ways to improve things. I regularly organize trainings and workshops for curious and interested co-workers, who can then acquire more in-depth knowledge via certifications. I believe that collaboration is an essential part of our business environment.

What are the three words I’d use to describe the Positive Thinking Company? Open-minded, we encounter a very diverse range of people and professional profiles, Community, a good way to invite teams to collaborate and share, and Trust, because of the mutual trust between internal teams and consultants.

Lionel O.

Project and Technical Referent – Appway Specialist

Geneva, Switzerland

I joined the Positive Thinking Company in 2016 as Appway Consultant and I started my journey with an unusual first project! I indeed begun with a first long-term assignment in Zurich where we had just opened our third agency in Switzerland. This secondment in the German-speaking part of Switzerland was like an experience abroad and totally new for me!

After having been a Java developer during my first professional experiences, I’ve been drawn to the opportunity to acquire new skills on the Appway banking solution. My first experience in Zurich with a renowned customer was very enriching and the transition to this development method was a natural one thanks to my object-oriented knowledge and approach.

Once back in Geneva, I joined an important project for the BCGe (Banque Cantonale de Genève). Initially dedicated to Development and bug fixing, I quickly took new responsibilities to become the technical leader on the project.
My strong interest in Appway and my curiosity pushed me to spend time to understand the business needs, the challenges, and the long-term strategy of the client before designing architecture and processes. It enabled me to think differently the project by having a full global approach.

I think that the stakeholders of this bank appreciated working with me thanks to my ability to provide them with advice and expertise with a rather innovative outlook. Coming from a technical background, project management has enabled me to develop sales skills that also match my personality. My technical-sales approach permitted me to satisfy the client to whom I could bring advice and expertise, with the will to find compromises in case of too ambitious or too costly requests.

I find this new role of Project and Technical Referent very fulfilling and I enjoy being involved on both technical and commercial aspects. I flourish in this position, with a memory that I will never erase from my mind when we won a major tender in 2019. I remember a sense of pride and satisfaction that is pretty hard to describe.

The Positive Thinking spirit is not just a name and can be felt in the way we work. We have the chance to work in a dynamic environment where we feel good and where everyone remains accessible. This closeness with our management who trusted in me allowed me to evolve and to have a role that fills me up today.

I would sum up the Positive Thinking Company as a perfect example of fraternity and caring.

Kay M.

Business Analyst

Berlin, Germany

After graduating in Economics in 2013, I joined Positive Thinking Company as IT consultant. Here, I found the perfect place for getting my career started as it was matching my interest in Big Data and IT Technologies.

During my first years as a project and demand manager for IT Operations projects, I gained a lot of experience and knowledge of all the aspects that need to come together to successfully provide and run your BI Infrastructure, -Platforms and -Applications. After working 3 years in various IT departments, my role evolved to business analyst, where I analyze, specify and overall manage business related requirements. In this role, I see myself as a translator and “the guy in between“, understanding and promoting needs and visions of both business and IT.

How I would describe Positive Thinking Company?

What makes Positive Thinking Company unique is being professional in terms of skills, communication and appearance, but at the same time preserving the individualism and human touch when interacting with each other and especially with our clients.

We at Positive Thinking Company show determination to achieve the best results and experience of the solutions we provide.

And last but not least: The people at Positive Thinking Company I met in the past and present, that work with me on projects, that I meet on team events and after work, that support me on my career path, will always be on my list. Having colleagues who follow the same goals and share the passion of our profession is, for me, one of  the most valuable things a company can call a part of its identity.

Koen W.


Brussels, Belgium

I am the founder of Blubird who joined the Positive Thinking Company Group in 2019. Blubird was created in 2013 with the goal of supporting companies in their digital transformation with a focus on cloud solutions and IT Development. We grew the team from scratch to about 20 in Belgium and did the same with our offices in Bulgaria. We pride ourselves in succeeding to gather the right teams and people together to reach our goals and build reliable services to our customers. It is with the same ambitions that we integrated the Positive Thinking Company.

This change has allowed me to refocus my daily activities burdened with administrative tasks to my core skills. I am now able to focus on the global and local strategy, steer our technical choices and invest in the development of new services and solutions. This approach has allowed me, and the organization as a whole, to build an environment of further innovation and creativity.

As one of the leaders of the Positive Thinking Company, I strive to be the facilitator of our evolution towards a solution and product organization, helping our customers solve real business problems.

If I had to briefly describe the Positive Thinking Company I would say “the infinite game”. More than a game, it is a journey where we look to the future, learn, take risks, share and bring people together into a strong team to be able to face whatever challenges come up.

Van Thi

Senior Technical Lead

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In 2006, I started my career as a Software Developer at a foreign-based software solution company in Ho Chi Minh City.

My first project was developing a recruitment management system to streamline our recruitment process. It was the first time that I felt engaged in applying all the knowledge from university to build a working application, the journey of exploring the frameworks and tooling available on the markets: the very first .NET Framework 1.1, ASP.NET Webform, SQL Database, SMTP Server and the MailClient library to send emails from the application.

The fast-growing software development industry emerges day by day. The modern and innovative frameworks and tools make software development faster and better. If we want to send emails from within the applications, various cloud-based providers are available with richer supported features like tracking the clicks inside the delivered emails. I have a great passion for software development, from analyzing the requirements, designing the technical architectures, and implementing great solutions with the team.

During the process, I’m inspired by the domain experts who teach me the business domain of my applications, from digital banking, trade finance, invoicing process, to education, etc;
and the cross-functional team collaboration also enables us to share and learn together to build and deliver high-quality products.

I always see great opportunities and engagement when working here. There are full facilities for me and the team to turn the great visions into amazing education products being used worldwide. With highly skilled and great members, we continuously develop new products and new features for existing products. My skills and experience develop day by day. I have been learning the latest business domains, exploring the new technical patterns and best practices, even the automation testing skills.

3 words to describe the company:

– Opportunity: “challenges bring opportunities” is happening a lot here. When you are willing to take on the most challenging assignments and complete them, you will be recognized.
– Creativity: our culture enables and encourages you to be creative in everything you do, as we believe that creativity brings disruptive solutions.
– Client-Focus: in whatever we do, the primary focus is on our clients’ success. We feel proud when they are happy with the work we deliver.

Hung Pham

Technical Architect

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

After graduating from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport in 2006, I have gained over 15 years of work experience in front-end web development. Intending to expand and diversify my knowledge, I continued my studies in economics, earning a bachelor of arts in foreign trade from Foreign Trade University HCMC while working for two different industries.

During my tenure in software development companies and digital marketing agencies, I gained valuable experience in web development, online marketing, and social media marketing. I am keen on self-learning and often spend my time researching. My ability to put that information into use makes me stand out, together with my wide knowledge of IT and good social skills.

The most significant changes appeared in javascript single-page applications. I have many chances to architect and implement the SPA with the first version of AngularJS, then newer versions of Angular framework and ReactJS or VueJS. I also develop mobile applications with React-Native and web service with NodeJS, a server-side JavaScript runtime environment based on the V8 engine. I have many chances to create and deliver the web/mobile application’s success in many domains such as Media streaming, Banking, Finance, E-commerce, B2B, B2C, and CMS on multiple continents.

Besides, I also lead the front-end department to recruit talent, mentor the interns, deliver the courses to keep up to date the technologies for the front-end folks and lead the football club.

3 words to describe the company, I would say: simplify, challenge, and build enduring relationships.

Ngoc Nguyen

Principal QC

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

As an expert with more than 13 years of experience in the field of Software Testing, my caliber in Technical testing domains ranges from Web applications to Mobile applications and API/BE testing, across different business domains, such as E-Commerce, B2B, B2C, Social Networks, CMS, Healthcare, and Banking. My strongest skills include creating test strategies, designing tests, planning, tracking, and executing them to ensure product quality. I have the skills, knowledge, and techniques for both Automation testing and Manual testing and play the role of quality leader in teams and projects. I have led many QC teams (with a scope from 2 to 15 QCs).

My passion is creating a Quality culture, leading on Quality and Delivery to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. The company has provided the best environment for me to develop myself and my career further.

The first years of my Software Testing career at the company were truly fascinating and memorable. With the continuous improvement in every aspect of the organization and the professional working environment, I constantly learned and grew. I started as a Software Testing Engineer and worked my way up to become an expert with years of experience in the field.

I now take the role of Test Manager, the quality leader of a big project with a team size of 45-65 engineers. The most important factor to my success is passion, constant improvement, and responsibility, plus the ability to build a culture of quality and trust with customers.

Besides working directly on the project, I am also happy to be a QC Leadership member in the QC department. Together with the QC Director, we draw the vision and mission, define the goals/KPIs to develop our department in alignment with the organizational objectives, constantly access and update the latest technologies and modern testing from the market. We focus on building and developing the QC team to become experts in the field and developing future talent from prestigious universities in the region to establish a local talent pool for the organization and our country.

In 2016, I chose to challenge myself in a different environment. As the quote goes, “Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors.” Indeed, after two years, I realized that this company is still a better place and the most suitable environment for me to fast-track my career. Other than that, my QC Director/Manager here is also part of the reason. He leads with motivation and is always there to support the team and me whenever we are faced with obstacles. Therefore, I have chosen to return and am now continuing to contribute to the organization.

If I were to use 3 words to describe Positive Thinking Company, I would choose Continuous Improvement, Motivation, and Collaboration.

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